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Dreams Are A Doorway To The Soul

How To Work With Your Dream Symbols

Your dreams want to communicate with you.

The very fact that you remember a dream, means that you are being asked to explore its content.

Dreams sometimes seem elusive and meaningless, but everything that comes from within has a purpose – including your dreams.

When you’re working with your dream symbols (the  dominant people, places, and things in the dream), try to see each dream symbol as an individual expression. Sometimes when we try to see the entire message of the dream, we get lost in all of its content.

Imagine that the dream symbol has something it wants to say to you.

It has something that it wants to bring to your awareness.

For example, you may have a dream where the central location is your job. When you write down JOB as a dream symbol, what are your feelings about it?

You may say: I can’t stand it. I feel like I am trapped. I can’t move. I can’t progress. I feel like my life is never going to change being there.

This symbol is clearly communicating to you that you “feel trapped”, you “can’t move”, and although you might think the job is the cause of it – the symbol is showing you that what you “think” about this “subject” is the real reason you can’t move.

You see, what you hold inside, what you feel, and what you think – shape your world.

You may not even be consciously aware that your feelings about the place (the job), are affecting your ability to move forward or to move on from it. So what is that symbol there to teach you? It’s there to teach you that you have to feel another way about that situation in order to change it.

The intelligence and information that we have inside is limitless.

Your soul wants you to fulfill your destiny. It wants you to get what you desire out of life. So it communicates with you in many different ways to try and get your attention, to try and convey a message, to try and convey to you where things might be a bit off, so that you can get back on track.

Here are some questions to ask when working with your dream symbols.

1. How do I feel about this dream symbol? What feeling does this dream symbol evoke from me?

For example: If you have a dream of horse and you say it makes you feel scared because it’s powerful and unpredictable, you could be afraid of your own powerful and unpredictable nature. The dream would then be addressing your fear of your power, potential, and the unknown.

2. How do I relate to this dream symbol?

For example: if you dream of your aunt, you might ask, how are she and I alike? Have we had any of the same life situations, are we the same zodiac sign, do we have the same life philosophy?

If the question resonates with you, you’ll feel an immediate “aha”, and you might say, yes we are alike. She quit her job to pursue her passion, and I am thinking about making the same decision.

So your dream would use her as a symbol to show you  that you are going through that same situation in waking life. 

3. How are me and the dream symbol alike or opposite?

Again, see if there are any similarities between you and the dream symbol, but also see if there are any differences. That may lend a clue to the meaning of the dream symbol. 

4. What aspect of me does this dream symbol represent?

For example: If you have a small child in your dream, you might describe the child as scared, unsure, and needs a lot of attention.

So you would ask yourself, what part of me is scared, unsure, and needs a lot of attention?

A small child also could represent an aspect of your creativity or something new that you’re bringing to life. In that case the dream meaning would still be the same, but you’ll add another dimension to it.

So then the dream symbol would be saying something like: I’m starting this new project that leaves me feeling scared and unsure. I need to work on my feelings about it. 

5. What is this dream symbol inside of me?

For example: You may have the sky as one of your dream symbols. Visualize that the sky is a part of you (your physical body and your current reality). From that perspective you may get a glimpse of what the dream symbol represents. You may say the sky represent my thoughts, different concepts that I have running through my mind, or my mentality (at the time of the dream). 

Play around with it.

Don’t get frustrated if things don’t click into place right away. Just have fun with it. There are so many ways that your soul can communicate with you. So don’t give up.

Also, you shining light on any aspect of the self that you weren’t aware of before – changes things. So just appreciate any light that comes forth from your dream symbols.

Everything is working out for your highest good.

Keep exploring and thanks for reading!

Renee B.

P.S. I now have my own domain where I offer inspiring articles, tips, and soul guidance. So for those of you that are inspired by the “dream” posts that I have on here, you may enjoy the “life” posts that I have on my Spirit & Muse site. Come check it out.

If you need additional help decoding your dreams visit 5 steps to decode your dreams and How to decode your dream symbols.


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