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Dream Symbol: Gas Station

Dream Symbol: Gas Station

Exploring The “Gas Station” Dream Symbol

When decoding your dreams, see if you can find the basic meaning of the symbol at first. When you think of a gas station, what do you think of? Fuel? Filling Up? Getting What You Need? A gas station is symbolic of creative fuel, filling up (feeling fulfilled), and preparing to get where you need to go.

Ask yourself the following questions?

Have I been creative lately?

Have I been thinking of ways to get my creativity juices flowing?

What is my creative life like?

How do I feel about my direction in life?

Do I have the resources to help me feel fulfilled?

Do I feel fulfilled with life in general?

Am I trying to motivate or fuel myself?

Have I been trying to motivate myself lately?

What is going on at the gas station?

What am I being driven to do?

How does filling up at the pump make you feel?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe what gas station you were at? Does it remind you of anything? What did the trip feel like? Who were you with? Where were you on your way to? Can you link the idea of filling up with how you are planning to fulfill yourself in real life? Think of your creative life, are you looking for fuel or resources to spark your creativity.

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