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Dream Symbol: Music

Dream Symbol: Music

Exploring The “Music” Dream Symbol

All music in your dreams is telling a very detailed story. Pay attention to the lyrics of the song, the tone, and how it makes you feel. Music indicates harmony with your being or disharmony with your being. The song that is playing in the background may very well be telling the story of your life, explaining the state of mind you were in recently, or how you have been feeling.

Ask yourself the following questions?

How do you feel about the music?

Is the music from one of your favorite artists?

Is the music in harmony with your being?

Is the music provoking disharmony?

Do the words to the song describe how you have been feeling lately?

Are you dancing to the music (going with the flow of life) or are you resistant?

Is music your artistry? Could the song lyrics be explaining how you feel about your art?

Have you been feeling cheerful or uplifted lately?

What kind of emotion does the song evoke?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe how you felt about the song. If the song was offering you peace or positive feelings that means that you have felt that somewhere lately in your waking life. The song lyrics and artist may provide a clue as to what area you have been feeling that way about. Pay close attention because the “song” is telling you how you feel inside.

Keywords: music to my ears, harmony or disharmony, in tune with life, feeling good, good vibes, going with the flow, the song of my heart, the song of my life, what the lyrics say is what you feel, a message from your inner being, a spirit to embody (if the music was uplifting), a spirit to discard (if the music was discouraging), in tune with your essence


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