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Dream Symbol: Fight

Dream Symbol: Fight

Exploring The “Fight” Dream Symbol

Dreams of a fight indicate confrontation in your life. Where in your life have you felt confrontational or met with opposition? Are there two opposing forces within you working against each other? Dreams about fights indicate an imbalance, something you are struggling with, or something within you that you need to resolve.

Ask yourself the following questions?

Have you recently had a fight in real life?

Have you been feeling confrontational lately?

Do you have any opposing forces within?

Who is fighting in the dream and how are they different from one another?

What are you fighting against in real life?

Have you been facing a conflict that needs to be resolved?

Where is there a problem in your life that you need to face?

Do you need to stand up to someone who has been bullying you?

Where in your life are you fighting for what’s right?

Have any feelings of anger or revenge surfaced in your life lately?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe the fight. Who was involved, what was the end result, how did you feel at the end of the fight? Do you feel victorious? Do you feel that you may have won the fight and lost the war? The feelings are most important. If you feel victorious that means you are making moves towards greater expression. If you are feeling defeated, you may need to re-examine your approach towards your current problem.

Keywords: conflicting opinions inside, confrontation, feeling confronted, feeling attacked, feeling ridiculed or bullied, confrontational feelings, conflict somewhere in life, anger or resentment, feeling like getting revenge, emotions bubbling over, expressing disagreement, recent fight or altercation in real life, opposing viewpoints, wanting to get back at someone, internal struggle or conflict, grappling with a problem, wrestling with a problem, stubbornness or stubborn wills, bumping heads



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