Soul Guidance Dream Interpretation

Dreams Are A Doorway To The Soul

Dream Interpretation: Story Writing Method

Dream Method


Pretend for a moment that you are not the dreamer. Pretend that you are a private investigator hired to report back what you have learned from witnessing your case (the dream).

Write down the dream as if you were a detective and not the dreamer.

For ex. Instead of saying I was walking down a dark alleyway – you can say,

“A pale faced thin girl was walking down a dark alleyway.”

Report exactly what you see.

After you have written down the dream (in a story-like format), start to dig through the dream and ask some questions. Think of what a detective would ask. 

What was the dreamer looking for? How did the dreamer feel? Why did the dreamer feel the way he or she felt?

Once you have written down your responses to each question – ask yourself if the dream is showing any signs of what you may have been feeling or thinking lately? When you look at your dreams through a different lens, it helps loosen your grip some – so that you can understand what’s going on inside of you – without judgement.

Once you link with what the dream is trying to show you – you will feel an “aha feeling” or a sense of peace. You’ll say to yourself, “I know exactly what this dream is in relation to. I was feeling that way the other day about so and so.”



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