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Dream Symbol: Naked

Dream Symbol: Naked

Exploring The “Naked” Dream Symbol

The naked dream symbol all depends on one thing – how you feel when you are naked. To some people, naked may bring up some of these feelings (vulnerable, exposed, forced to be public, forced to be honest, shy, and self-conscious). To others, being naked may bring up these feelings (freedom, natural, open, sensual, and expressive). If you or anyone else is naked in the dream, ask yourself how that exposure makes you feel?

Ask yourself the following questions?

Have I felt exposed lately?

Was I forced into an uncomfortable situation?

Do I have uncomfortable feelings about my body?

Am I exploring my sexuality or my sexual openness?

If you are a female – are you exploring your femininity?

Are you exploring how to be more comfortable with yourself?

Do you feel free while naked in the dream?

Are you trying to cover up?

Do you feel embarrassed in the dream?

Do you feel good about showing all of who you are?

Do you feel self-conscious about showing your true nature?

How does being naked and vulnerable make you feel?

Are you thinking about a time when you were recently naked?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe why you were naked and how you felt about it. Did your nakedness give you a sense of empowerment or weakness?

Keywords: feeling exposed, vulnerable, naked, humiliation, empowerment, natural beauty, all natural, your birthday suit, in your rarest form, pure, undefined, sensual, sexual, open, your true self, comfortable with sexuality, being more of your self, body image, covering up, hiding, sharing yourself with others



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