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Dream Symbol: Hospital

Dream Symbol: Hospital

Exploring The “Hospital” Dream Symbol

When you see a hospital in your dreams think of restoring yourself. Hospitals symbolize healing, nurturing, and recovering from some kind of trauma. The trauma can be physical, mental, and/or spiritual. A hospital is where you can take the time to heal. Think of all the people that are in a hospital. The nurses, doctors, and aids that come to restore you to your normal state of being. What part of your life are you working on healing?

Ask yourself the following questions?

Have you been trying to heal something from your past?

Are you working on clearing up past trauma?

Have you felt helpless, weakened, or in a dis-ease like state recently?

Have you been thinking about taking steps to nurse yourself back to health?

Have you been concerned about your emotional well-being lately?

Have you been nurturing a wounded part of yourself lately?

What might have been hurt inside of you that you are trying to restore?

Do you have any fears about death, dying, or being terminally ill?

What part of the hospital are you in (intensive care, labor and delivery, the psyche ward)?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe how you feel about the care you were receiving in the hospital. What part of the hospital were you in (intensive care, labor and delivery, the psyche ward)? The part of the hospital that you are in might reveal the part of your life that is being explored.

Keywords: healing, holistic healing, past trauma, healing trauma, restoration, nursed back to health, recovery, taking care of oneself, nurturing oneself, healing a broken heart, healing scars, healing old wounds, moving past the loss of a loved one, well-being, normal state of health, hospitality, the caring and nurturing part of yourself



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