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Dream Symbol: Bride

Dream Symbol: Bride

Exploring The “Bride” Dream Symbol

Brides in your dream can symbolize the feminine side of yourself, the role of a girl becoming a woman, commitment, or your ideas about relationships/commitment in general. When trying to decode your dreams about a bride, see what other factors are playing a part. Who are you getting married to, are you prepared, do you feel comfortable in your new role, are you marrying the person of your dreams? You can also think of marriage as a symbol of “becoming whole”.

Ask yourself the following questions?

How do I feel about becoming a woman?

How do I feel about my role as a bride?

What responsibilities come with that?

Am I exploring how I will feel about giving myself to someone else?

Are you actually getting married in real life?

Could the stress or process of your real life wedding be showing up in your dreams?

Are you entering a new committed relationship (work, love, a new business, or project)?

If so, how do you feel about the new relationship?

Do you feel prepared for the transition?

If you are a male, are you having some doubts about marrying your feminine side?

Are you glamorizing love instead of going with the flow of the heart?

Are you following your heart in real life?

Have you been thinking about joining together male and female aspects of yourself?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe how you felt as a bride or how you felt about the bride (if the bride wasn’t you). Were you marrying the right person? Did you feel easiness about the union? Were you scared?

Keywords: feminine qualities, role as a woman, role as a wife, feminine side, following your heart, commitment, a new relationship, the responsibility of becoming the woman of the house, giving yourself to someone, a vow, promise, dedication, false sense of love (meaning worried more about the look of something rather than true love), a huge transition or commitment



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