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Dream Symbol: Boss

Dream Symbol: Boss

Exploring The “Boss” Dream Symbol

Your boss in the dream symbolizes your role as the “head of your life”.  You are the boss in your dreams. So if you see your boss in your dreams ask yourself what aspects of your governing ability are you exploring? What rules have you come up with that your dream is calling in for questioning? How do you feel about that role? Are you making decisions that make sense and that will help you grow as a person?

Ask yourself the following questions?

What is your boss conveying that needs to be done?

Do you have any problems with your “real life” boss?

Is your boss telling you something that you should be doing in real life?

How do you feel about your role as a boss?

Do you feel in control of your life?

Are you exploring different ways to gain control of a situation?

Are you trying to manage the different aspects of your personality?

What are the characteristics of the boss in your dream?

What do you have in common with your boss?

How do you feel about your boss?

How do you feel about your ability to govern your life?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe how you feel about your boss and how it may relate to the way you feel about controlling your own life. There may be some qualities within the boss that you need to cultivate within yourself or there may be some qualities within yourself that you need to get rid of, if you are looking to gain more control in your life.

Keywords: the boss (in your life), how you govern your life, managing a problem, managing different aspects of your life, managing different personality traits, managing, control, figuring out a problem, finding a solution to something, your role as a boss, your ability to provide and create for yourself



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