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Dream Symbol: Bedroom

Dream Symbol: Bedroom

Exploring The “Bedroom” Dream Symbol

The bedroom is a place where you relax, unwind, and you can be totally yourself. It’s where you kick off your shoes and be your true self (your sensual self, your naked self, and your honest self). If you are in a bedroom in your dreams think of your private thoughts or how you really feel about something. Your guard is down in your bedroom most of the time. It could symbolize how you feel about intimacy or your sexuality – since covert activities like intercourse happen in the bedroom. Ask yourself what hidden areas are you exploring in relation to your sexuality, sensuality, or intimacy?

Ask yourself the following questions?

Has sex been on your mind lately?

Are you going through any issue intimately?

Is there something you want to confess to yourself?

Are you exploring your thoughts about a recent intimate encounter?

Are there areas of your relationship that you are afraid to address?

Have you come to terms with your sexuality?

Are you exploring different ways to open intimately?

Are you expressing your true feelings in your dream bedroom?

Are you committing acts that you wouldn’t commit in real life?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe what you were doing in the bedroom and how you felt about it. The dream is exploring your true thoughts. The thoughts behind your words and society-acceptable behavior. Remember your guard is down in your bedroom so you can wind up exploring all different parts of your sexuality, sensuality, and you also explore how you really feel about those areas in real life.

Keywords: letting down one’s guard, opening intimately, apprehensive feelings about opening up, true sexual feelings, sexual exploration, coming clean, telling the truth, opening up about your true feelings, exploring your senses, releasing tension, being honest with yourself, intimacy, sensuality, sexuality, intimate secrets


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