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Dream Symbol: Floating

Dream Symbol: Floating

Exploring The “Floating” Dream Symbol

There are many associations that you can make with the floating dream symbol. The context of the dream is very important when trying to decipher if the floating was good or negative. What do you associate with the feelings of floating? It could be loss of control, not feeling grounded, instability, or feeling completely content with one’s life (like you are floating on cloud 9).

Ask yourself the following questions?

How did you feel about the floating in your dream?

Did you feel out of control or in control?

Were you lucid dreaming?

Have you been floating on cloud 9?

Have there been life events that have caused you to feel unstable?

Have you been trying to ground your emotions or yourself lately?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe how you feel about floating. What were the circumstances that surrounded the floating? Meaning why were you floating, was it enjoyable, were you floating away from something?

Keywords: floating on cloud 9, feeling unstable, feeling shaky, feeling off the ground, not grounded, flighty, airy fairy, thoughts, trying to ground your ideas, loss of control, not able to stabilize, easy going, enjoying the ride, allowing life to take care of you, fear and wanting to float away, a defense mechanism, floating away, lucid dreaming



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