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Dream Symbol: Snow

Dream Symbol: Snow

Exploring The “Snow” Dream Symbol

For some people, snow brings a sense of cleansing, a new start, and purity. For others, snow is a sign of difficulty, frozen emotions, and concealment. The feeling tone of the dream is very important when trying to decipher if your “snow dream” is a positive one or a negative one.

Ask yourself the following questions?

How do you feel about the snow?

Does it remind you of a period of time in your life?

Are you hiding or keeping in emotions?

Is the snow a gift or a problem?

Is there something buried in the snow?

Have you been experiencing frozen emotions lately?

Have you recently seen your innocence?

Are you giving yourself a clean slate?

Has a fresh start been on your mind lately?

What feelings does snow bring up for you?

Have you noticed the beauty in something lately?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe how you felt about the snow. Was the dream a positive one that brought about a sense of renewal or was it a negative one that stirred up difficulty?

Keywords: clean slate, purity, white, clean, newness, innocence, frozen emotions, difficulty, snowed in (meaning guarded emotions), difficulty navigating through life, feeling stuck, the beauty of something, the christmas or holiday spirit, a nickname, gentleness, softness, easiness, clear thoughts, magic, essence



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