Soul Guidance Dream Interpretation

Dreams Are A Doorway To The Soul

Dream Symbol: Color

Dream Symbol: Colors

Exploring The “Color” Dream Symbol

The colors in your dream are pointing to a mood, essence, or feeling tone. When you a see a color that stands out in your dream ask yourself what that color represents to you. What feeling tone does the color exude?

General Colors and Their Meanings

Red: passion, blood, vitality, readiness, shame, guilt, heart, warning

Orange: alive, alert, vibrant, highlighter, stands out, draws attention, risk

Blue: stability, trust, dedication, business, depth, sadness, the blues (feeling down)

Green: money, greed, natural, growth, abundance, calm, tranquility, envy

Yellow: sunshine, optimism, cheerful, shy, cautious, vibrant

Purple: royalty, feminine, intuition, spirituality, soul centered

Black: power, night, unknown, mystery, unseen, shadow self, authority

Brown: earthy, grounded, dull, boring, dirty feelings (the color of mud)

White: purity, godlike, clean slate, newness, freshness, forgiveness, virginity

Silver: intuition, knowledge, inner wisdom, optimism (silver lining), polished, wishful, magic

Gold: answers, understanding, all that glitters isn’t gold, fake, false self, golden, spirituality, opportunity

Keywords: feeling tone, essence, mood, aura, emotion evoked, what the color means to you, negative traits/feelings or positive traits/feelings



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