Soul Guidance Dream Interpretation

Dreams Are A Doorway To The Soul

Dream Symbol: Cinderella

Dream Symbol: Cinderella

Exploring The “Cinderella” Dream Symbol

Dreams about Cinderella or feeling like Cinderella are pointing to you coming home to your soul or the life you deserve. Cinderella is a damsel in distress in the beginning of her story. Although she is severely mistreated she never stops believing. Her fairy God mother (intuition, the magic of life, and belief) comes to save her by providing her with the opportunity to meet with her destiny. Once she realizes who she really is, and that she deserves a better life, she moves on and lives happily ever after. If you have a dream of Cinderella or feel like Cinderella in your dream you can rest assured that you are going through a major transformation that is sure to bring you home (to your sense of security, beingness, and true self).

Ask yourself the following questions?

Was I ready to become Cinderella?

Who in the dream helped Cinderella?

Who in the dream helped you?

What elements were in play in the dream? Glass slipper, carriage, etc?

Was there anything stopping you from feeling like Cinderella?

Did you make the transformation or were you approaching the transformation? (This will symbolize what stage you are in the process)

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe how you felt about being Cinderella. Was it an easy transformation? Were you prepared? Were there things or people standing in the way of that transformation? Did you feel enlivened by the transformation?

Keywords: new life, potential, growing into your own, becoming the belle of the ball, beauty, inner beauty, intuition, becoming what you are destined to be, destiny, fate, relief from the life you dislike, transformation, feeling confident in your own skin, releasing negativity, feminine goddess, feminine beauty, feminine radiance, belonging to someone special, feeling like your true self



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