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Dreams Are A Doorway To The Soul

Dream Symbol: Storm


Exploring The “Storm” Dream Symbol

Storms bring a sense of fear and uncertainty to some and a sense of awe to others. When decoding a dream about storms you must take a look at your emotions in the dream. Were you inspired by the storm or terrified? Storms symbolize a period in your life where things are scary, uncertain, or when you are going through a tough time emotionally. Take a look at your life and see where the emotional storm is. Storms can also symbolize creativity. Just think of the word “brainstorming”. Your emotion in the dream will be a guide as to whether the storm symbolizes positive change or emotional upset that is brewing.

Ask yourself the following questions?

Was the storm brewing or happening?

Have you been emotionally upset?

Are you in the midst of a difficult change?

Have you been feeling creative lately?

Do you feel a sense of awe with tearing your life apart and rebuilding it?

Are you going through an uncertain period?

Have your emotions been stormy lately (anger or rage)?

Did you recently storm off or storm out?

Have you been worried about a confrontation?

Have your thoughts been out of control or unpredictable lately?

What type of storm was it? A hurricane, tornado, tsunami?

Does the type of storm say anything about the type of situation you are going through?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe how you felt about the storm. Did it upset you? Were you worried about your safety and security? Did the storm have anything to do with transformation or rebuilding?

Keywords: emotional upset, disturbance, uncertainty, unpredictable emotions, out of control, storm, stormed out, stormed off, confrontation, anger, rage, uncontrolled fear, hiding for your safety or security, finding security, creativity, brainstorming, new ideas or impulses (like lightning), whirlwind of emotions, difficult change, a change sure to bring destruction before reconstruction, disturbing period in life



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