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Dream Symbol: Desk

 Dream Symbol: Desk

Exploring The “Desk” Dream Symbol

Desks usually symbolize your ideas about business, work, or the platform that you have. Your desk is your work space. How do you feel about the work space and your platform? Do you have alot to do? Are you feeling overwhelmed? What are your ideas about business/the office in general?

Ask yourself the following questions?

Has your mind been occupied with thoughts of work lately?

Are you overwhelmed at work?

Have you been thinking about a new project or business?

How do you feel about the platform that you have, and putting your ideas out into the world?

Have you been feeling creative lately?

Have you been recently judged for your performance at work?

Have you been thinking about being your own boss?

Have you been thinking about the role of an employee?

Are you working things out in your life?

Are you trying to manage certain areas of your life?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe how you felt about the desk. Was your desk neat and organized? Was your desk a wreck? What might the nature of the work that was on your dream desk say about your real life?

Keywords: work, office related issues, management issues, time management, overwhelmed, overworked, working something out, solving a problem, finding a solution to something, the platform or workspace you have, work performance, evaluating something, preparing, a new project or new work, ideas, the way in which you share with the world, thoughts about your business



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