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Dreams Are A Doorway To The Soul

Dream Symbol: Outer Space

 Dream Symbol: Outer Space

Exploring The “Outer Space” Dream Symbol

Dreams about outer space refer to your feelings of expansion. When you go into outer space you are exploring, looking for the new, and gaining new experience. You may be in outer space because the newness doesn’t feel earthly to you yet. It still feels up and the air and out there.

Ask yourself the following questions?

Where have I gained a broader perspective lately?

Have I experienced something new within myself lately?

Am I on the verge of self-discovery?

Have I traveled to new and exciting regions within myself?

Has something recently opened up more space within you?

Have you left the comfort of your home to explore beyond your boundaries?

Have you made a new discovery?

Do you feel that there is massive potential available?

Have you been feeling limitless lately?

Has a project or creativity set you free to explore?

Have you learned something that has expanded your knowledge beyond anything you’ve ever seen?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe how you felt about being in outer space. Did it inspire you? Could you feel the endless possibilities in front of you? Were you afraid, and therefore fearing your potential?

Keywords: potential, space to grow, new knowledge, discovery, feeling expansion, room for growth, exploring different regions, gaining a broader perspective, insight, feelings outside of your current awareness, huge potential, exploring, the whole world’s in front of me, new perspective, breaking boundaries, leaving earth (your grounding and foundation)



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