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Dream Symbol: Letter

Dream Symbol: Letter

Exploring The “Letter” Dream Symbol

A letter in your dream symbolizes communication. When people write letters they are usually trying to say something, express how they feel, or warn people of something. The content of the letter is the most important thing. Your inner world is trying to send you a message. The letter could be about how you are feeling or something inside that you would like to express. Either way your inner world is trying to communicate with you.

Ask yourself the following questions?

What was the letter about?

Who was the letter addressed to?

What was the feeling tone of the letter?

Did the letter hold sentimental value?

Were you being warned about something?

Did the letter express feelings that you were feeling lately?

Was the letter unopened?

Do you have unexpressed longings?

Have you found it difficult communicating with someone lately?

Is there anything that you would like to express that you are holding inside?

Does your heart have something to say?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe how you felt about the content of the letter. Did the letter feel like it was addressed to you or like you were trying to communicate how you felt? Was the letter handwritten or typed? Was the letter opened or unopened? This could symbolize that you still have yet to receive the message that your inner world is trying to communicate to you.

Keywords: communication, expression, feelings, appreciation, getting your message across, acknowledging something, opening up, being expressive, writing your heart out, laying your feelings on the line, sentimental feelings, sadness expressed, trying to heal, longing or a desire left unsaid, not getting the message, wanting to be heard, something you would like to say, the space to release, private thoughts or feelings



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