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Dream Insight: Ramblings About The Subconscious Mind


I had a dream last night about an immaculate bookstore.

Apparently the first sentence of the dream was all I needed to open up alot of new information.

I received some new insight today about decoding dreams. It came to me in an instant and it just felt right when I thought about it.

I said to myself, “what if every symbol in your dream was a mini dream in itself?”

What if we didn’t have to decode dreams as a whole? What if there was more information packed into one dream symbol than in any book that we could ever read? I explored that idea for a few minutes and immediately I felt more expansive. I felt like I had stumbled across some kind of truth. So when I went to decode the dream about the bookstore – I extracted 1 symbol – the bookstore, and then I wrote {I am the bookstore – examine me}.

I felt my way through the dream imagery and started to write down exactly what I felt about the bookstore from my dream last night. After a few minutes of non-stop flowing of ideas another thought came to me.

What if the bookstore was really a part of me inside?

Immediately another thought came to mind.

What if the bookstore was a symbol for the subconscious mind?

When I said that… it just felt right.

Now before I write down all of the other things that I discovered just by exploring this one dream symbol, I would like to say that I have never studied the subconscious mind. I have heard about it from other’s perspectives, but I never really dove into the topic. The only reason that I have probably ever had an interest in it at all, is because everyone says that in order to create your reality, you have to change your subconscious mind.

With that said, I would like to throw some ideas out there that I received when decoding this dream symbol. The insight received felt so much like the truth that I wondered to myself if I would ever have to read another book to receive information. If I had this storehouse of information inside, what would I ever need outside of myself?

Here are the feelings that I wrote down when describing a bookstore.

I am the book store – examine me

Knowledge on every subject that I will ever need.

The place where inspiration for my next book is stored.

Infinite intelligence, studying oneself, examining oneself, looking for answers within oneself, searching within.

Everything there is truth, because it’s documented as an experience.

I wonder if we would have to go anywhere at all to get information? Our own consciousness is rich with insight. It’s where I feel comfortable to explore.

Where I search the topics that most interest me.

Reading – sensing and feeling emotions.

Me as a bookstore comes to mind.

Aisles where information is sorted by specific categories and subjects. Where like subjects are grouped together. Makes me think of where “like feelings” are stored. Suspense, horror, self, revolution, children’s section, family.

It’s where I saw the book everything is going to be alright – right before I quit my job. I think of synchronicity. When I bent down at the right spot at the right time and noticed the book. It was a weird attraction to that location. I think of intuition.

Where you decide what’s fiction and non-fiction. What’s reality or fantasy? You know the difference.

I usually explore the self-help sections when I go to the bookstore. This is the topic that I am interested in.

The bookstore is a symbol for my subconscious. It’s where all of the information that I have ever come into contact with is stored. It’s where I can research any topic and call forth from it as much information as I would like. It’s where creativity and the spark starts. Where spontaneous ideas develop. Where things can be grouped together when new information (new books) are received. If I could get all of this information from one dream symbol. Imagine how much more I have inside to share.

So the dream is about me exploring that part of myself.

I have been coming across alot of new information lately. There have been synchronistic things that have come out of seemingly nowhere. I was wondering the other day – how all of this stuff works. I guess my dreams are trying to point me in the direction that I need to go. Isn’t it fun to explore dreams!

What are your thoughts on this article? Do you connect to this article? Do you have any ideas to share in reference to this?



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