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How To Decode Your Dream Symbols

Dream Symbols

Trusting Your Intuition Is Key

When decoding your dream symbols you have to trust that you have the right interpretation of that symbol. The entire dream was created for you to explore yourself. You are the only one that can link this information to your waking life. So, when you are decoding your dream symbols, trust that you know what you are talking about and also that your interpretation of that symbol is the correct interpretation. The correct interpretation is what you “think about the symbol”.

Here’s an example of extracting some symbols from my dream titled “Unexpectedly Thrusted Home”.

This is an excerpt from the dream. I will extract a few of the dream symbols and show you how I decode them.

The Dream

I am on a plane and we have taken off and everything. The plane is Jet Blue. The seats are roomy and the ride is rather undisturbed. I scan the plane and there are several passengers, but only a few who stick out.

I see Lilou Mace. She seems comfortable but can’t wait until the ride is over. There are two pimply plump kids that I can’t even tell if they are boys or girls. They are acting up on the plane. Even in the midst of their adolescent nonsense, I still feel we are having a rather smooth ride.

Extracting The Dream Symbols

An Airplane

Lilou Mace

Two Pimply Plum Kids

Describing How I Feel About Each One

An airplane takes you to where you want to go. When I think of an airplane, I think of my hopes, aspirations, and dreams. I think of what I aspire to be in life.

Lilou Mace is a person who quit her job and followed her dreams. She is now an expert on living the life of her dreams. She is an author, and she has traveled all around the world finding those she most resonates with.

The Two Pimply Plump Kids remind me of two children from a movie that I once saw. The children were very persistent, impatient. spoiled, wanted what they wanted, and had very high demands.

Identifying The Dream Symbols As An Aspect Of The Self

The airplane is the aspect of my life that I am exploring. When it comes to my hopes and dreams – what am I thinking and how do I feel about it. The airplane in the dream also symbolizes how I feel about success and achieving all I have set out to achieve. The airplane ride is exploring what I feel about success.

Lilou Mace is the aspect of myself that has fulfilled her dreams. It’s me seeing a glimpse of myself in the shoes that I would like to be in. In other words it’s me “taking off”. She is an author and that is what I aspire to be. She quit her job and followed her dreams and that is what I am in the process of doing as well. Lilou Mace is an aspect of me in the dream. The fulfilled and chasing her dreams version of me.

The Two Pimply Plum Kids weren’t ruining the ride. They were just making it difficult to relax. I described them as impatient, spoiled, and wanting what they want. This is a childlike aspect of myself. One that may need some discipline. Although that aspect of me is not ruining the ride it’s making it very hard for me to be at peace. The kids represent the spoiled, wanting what I want, impatient part of myself. 

That’s How You Decode Your Dream Symbols

It’s rather easy. You know yourself well. It’s just that you have to trust that you have the right answers inside. Through our dreams we look at ourselves objectively. We see ourselves as other people so that we can explore what is happening in an unbiased manner.

If we look a little deeper you can see that all Lilou Mace wanted was peace and quiet, but the kids on the plane were making it very difficult for her. The feelings of wanting what I want, and not getting it quick enough were the feelings that were holding me back. The real aspiration in this dream is wanting the feeling of peace. Being comfortable with who I really am. That is what real success is.

Not the books, not writing, not making it, not getting what I want in a moments notice – just being comfortable with what I desire, and finding a way to it. Being comfortable with who I am and learning how to discipline and ground that, so that the ride could stay smooth. That’s the real journey.


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