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Dreams Are A Doorway To The Soul

Dream Symbol: Food

Dream Symbol: Food

Exploring The “Food” Dream Symbol

When you see food in your dream ask yourself, “what am I feeding myself” or “what am I taking in”. Food is a substance that nourishes and causes you to feel fulfilled. The meals that you cook up in your dreams can be tasty, hearty, and wholesome. Sometimes when we cook, the meals can also be less than favorable.

Ask yourself the following questions?

What type of meal am I eating?

Am I satisfied?

Am I full?

Is it food that I like?

Am I being spoon fed or am I feeding myself?

Is the food a dessert?

Where have I allowed the sweet things in life?

Is the meal one of my favorites?

Is the meal bad, gross, or inedible?

Who cooked the meal?

Was the preparation fun?

What am I feeding myself?

What am I taking in?

What gives me substance in relation to that food?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe how you feel about the food. Did you do a good job with the meal? Did the meal leave you feeling satisfied or hungry? Who helped you prepare the meal, and where might those feelings pertaining to the meal, be present in your real life.

Keywords: nourishment, fulfillment, cooking up, preparation, feeding oneself, feeling satisfied, feeling full-filled, feeding the soul, taking in, hard to swallow, inedible, ruined the meal, delicious experiences, tasty treat, hunger, starvation, starving artist, satisfied hunger, fed up



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