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Dream Symbol: Demon

Dream Symbol: Demon

Exploring The “Demon” Dream Symbol

Dreaming about demons or the devil can be frightening. When you understand what a demon/devil is, you will feel yourself ease up and then you can take the steps necessary to exorcise the behavior in your life that is bringing forth the frightening dream symbol. When you think of a demon think of negativity. What force in your life is causing you to be less than your God self. What force is draining you, making you think negative thoughts, and disallowing the flow of God (the good in your life).

Ask yourself the following questions?

What demons am I wrestling with in life?

Is there a negative force or influence in my life right now?

Am I constantly putting myself down?

Am I constantly berating myself?

Is there a negative habit or influence in my life that I need to get rid of?

Is there some past trauma that I am afraid to face?

What is my greatest fear?

What in my life is stripping my joy?

What in my life is causing negative thoughts?

Have you expressed hatred towards anyone lately?

What is taking my light (positivity & optimism)?

Have you been tempted to do something bad lately?

Have you been unreasonably downing yourself lately?

Have you been constantly criticizing yourself lately?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe how you feel about the demon. What area of your life do you think the dream is pointing to? What negativity in your life needs to be cleared for you to live your fullest expression (or your God-like self).

Keywords: temptation, negativity, extreme criticism, dulling your light, something stealing your joy, downing yourself, negative habits or traits, abuse, addiction, greatest fears, unaddressed trauma, wrestling demons, shadow parts of yourself, dark personality traits, dark influences, thoughts of harming oneself or doing something bad, dampening your spirits, sucking the life out of you, not forgiving yourself, holding onto hurt and resentment, deep feelings of hatred



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