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Dream Symbol: Childhood Home

Dream Symbol: Childhood Home

Exploring The “Childhood Home” Dream Symbol

When you revisit your childhood home in your dreams think about the role that you played there as a child. Who were you in the family? Were you treated like a child? Dreams about your childhood home usually point to your “background” or “upbringing”.

Ask yourself the following questions?

Has a situation recently had me feeling like a child?

Am I bringing something from the past into my current relationship or life situation?

Have I been reviewing my past lately?

Have I been feeling insecure about something lately?

Could that insecurity have something to do with my childhood?

How did you feel when you were in your childhood home?

Is something from the past hindering your progress?

Does the childhood home remind you of a situation that occurred there?

What from your past is holding you back?

Are you looking into your past for something to move you forward?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe how you felt in your childhood home. When decoding the childhood home dream think about if there may be something from your upbringing that’s effecting the decisions you make today. Is there something that you remember from childhood that the dream could relate to? Does the role you played as a child have anything to do with the role you might be playing in your real life.

Keywords: your role as a child, the past, where you learned your foundation, where you relationships were built, bringing the past into the now, unresolved childhood issues, insecurity about the future, insecurities in general, relationships, foundation, upbringing, what you learned, facing your past to move forward, confronting something unwanted, tradition, old and outdated thought patterns, holding onto the past



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