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Dreams can be the source of some of your greatest discoveries. That’s why keeping a dream journal is very important. I have put together some quick tips to help you start journaling your dreams.

1. Write or type your dreams out as soon as possible. • You can get a notebook that you keep only for your dreams, set up a folder on your computer to keep your dreams in, or email your dreams to your email address and keep them in a folder labeled “dreams”.

2. Give your dream a title and date it. • Giving your dream a title shows the direction the dream is going in. You will be surprised with how creative your mind is. Without thinking about it, just title the dream and don’t forget to date it. Here are some examples of my dream titles:

Hindering The Beauty

Uncovering The Tomb

Raining Inside

Finding The Cure

Scaling The Mount

3. Describe everything in detail. • Use your senses if you can’t figure out what to write. What did you see, smell, taste, touch or hear? What location were you in? Who were the people involved? Were they unfamiliar, weird, wanderers, were they lost, did they present you with something? Be as descriptive as possible when writing out your dream. You never know what may bring about a resonance within you. So describe the crazy tattoo, the huge pimply toad that blocked your driveway, the dilapidated old house in the back, or the cozy room with a fireplace. All of the details in the dream are relevant.

Once you write down all of the details of your dream, you can then decode your dream.



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