Soul Guidance Dream Interpretation

Dreams Are A Doorway To The Soul

Interpreting The Dream “Exploring Greece”


Everything in the dream is about the dreamer.

The symbols in the dream could be referring to your personality, how you move forward in life, what direction you are moving in, or how you feel about yourself.

When approaching a dream symbol, write it down and then describe the symbol.

Be sure to add how you feel about the dream symbol. When you are done writing down the dream symbol and description, write the sentence out with the words I AM in front of it.

Here is a dream interpretation example below.

Dream Title: Exploring Greece

I am somewhat at the top of a winding mountain on a trail with Victoria. Victoria is the one on the vacation, but it’s almost like I am standing in her shoes or like I am her guardian angel over her head or something. It’s extremely high, but I can’t help but notice the spectacular view. It feels like we are in Greece and the water is a beautiful deep pearlish blue. The view of things is periodically taking my mind off of the height. The mountain has a winding dirt trail and on the trail there are also rams (dozens and dozens of rams). I am afraid that they will knock me off the mountain. They are not only on the winding trail, when we get off the trail they are in the village as well. The village seems like one where the women were dressed from head to toe – covering their entire body.

1. Extracting the dream symbols. (I chose the symbols that stand out to me in the dream)

  • Winding Mountain
  • Victoria
  • Guardian Angel
  • Greece
  • Deep Pearlish Blue Water
  • Winding Dirt Trail
  • Rams
  • Village
  • Cloaked Women

2. Then I describe each one and what I felt about it.

  • Winding Mountain – height, higher self, obstacles, scared to climb
  • Victoria – materialistic, loves the finer things in life, has very expensive tastes
  • Guardian Angel – wants me to be safe, higher good, watches out for my heart
  • Greece – richness, beauty, untapped potential, depth, my soul, it was beautiful
  • Deep Pearlish Blue Water – subconscious, depth, intuition, treasure, soul, heart of me
  • Rams – masculine energy, aggression, force, intimidation
  • Village – working together, resources, abundance, depth, wisdom
  • Cloaked Women – feminine energy, grace, beauty, afraid to uncover in front of men

3. Then I added the words I AM in front of the dream symbols.

I am the winding mountain (the part of me that has a lot of obstacles to reach my higher self)

I am Victoria (the part of me that put down the materialistic view to witness something greater – my natural self)

I am the guardian angel (the part of myself that wants the best for me, but that wants me to be safe as well)

I am Greece (the part of me that holds the richness, unseen beauty, untapped potential, and depth that I have never felt)

I am the beautiful pearlish blue ocean (the soul of me, heart of me, where treasures are found and brought to the surface)

I am the rams (the parts of me that are aggressive, that want what they want, that are strong sexually, a masculine approach)

I am the village (the part of me that working together has an abundance of resources, knowledge, and depth)

I am the cover (the part of me that is concealing my womanly attributes, grace, beauty, sexuality, feminine energy)

4. Summarizing the dream.

This dream was about the exploration of my inner beauty, femininity, and goddess like nature. It was about me taking a feminine approach towards exploring and creating rather than a masculine approach. Victoria is someone who usually cares about how she looks in front of people, but when she got married she released all of her anxiety and just allowed herself to be herself. That’s what the trip reminds me of.

This dream was about me exploring my soul, my depth, my inner beauty. I AM Greece. That is the place I use to describe my soul. The rams remind me of male energy. It’s what I am afraid of. When a women goes to reveal herself (her beauty, her majesty, and her depth) she has to feel safe, and the fact that the rams were on the trail means that I didn’t feel safe. The masculine part of me is too pushy, too aggressive, and too forceful for me to feel comfortable enough to reveal myself fully.

That’s why the women of the village were cloaked at the end of the dream. It’s not appropriate to expose (reveal) yourself in front of men. At least that is what I learned anyway. This dream was about me getting a glimpse of who I was deep inside, the obstacles that stood in the way of me revealing that, and the view of what it could be like if I stopped the fear and enjoyed the view.



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