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Dream Symbol: School

 Dream Symbol: School

Exploring The “School” Dream Symbol

School dreams can be tricky. When you think of school what do you think of? Interpersonal relationships, learning, academics, your level of education, being measured against others? How do you feel about the school?

Ask yourself the following questions?

What level of understanding have you developed about a particular subject?

Elementary Level?

Grade School Level?

High School Level?

Are you transitioning in your life right now?

Have you recently graduated from something?

Are you in a period right now that feels the same as being in school?

Are you learning something new?

Are you being tested?

How do you feel in the school and how does that relate to your current life?

Does work feel like school to you?

Does living with your parents feel like school to you?

Does anything in your life feel like school to you?

Do you feel like you are being treated like a child?

Are you trying to further your education?

Are you learning a new skill?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe how you felt in the school. Were you self-conscious? Did you fit in? Were you popular? Were you trying to find your way? How you felt in the school is an example of how you feel in real life.

Keywords: learning something new, basic learning, basic skills, being treated like a child, this feels like school to me, transitioning in life, a period in my life like high school, graduating, developing new skills, acquiring knowledge, insecurity, your role in the school, what was your personality like in school, what kind of student were you, teachers, learning, being taught, absorbing knowledge, growing up, moving to adulthood, inadequacy, are you good enough, will you make the grade, measuring performance, popularity contests, fitting in



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