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Dream Symbol: Bathroom

Dream Symbol: Bathroom

Exploring The “Bathroom” Dream Symbol

The bathroom is a symbol for coming clean, releasing the old, and eliminating toxic things from your life, body, and mind.

Ask yourself the following questions?

What am I trying to release?

Am I coming clean about something?

Do I feel relieved?

Where have I recently been honest?

Am I releasing old habits?

Is there anything that I want to keep private?

Do I feel exposed?

Are their negative qualities that I need to get rid of?

Have I felt renewed lately?

Have I felt refreshed?

Have I thought about eliminating the waste from my life?

The most important thing to remember when decoding any dream symbol is how you feel about that symbol. Take a few moments to describe how you feel about the bathroom. What were you attempting to do in the bathroom? Were you coming clean, getting rid of toxic feelings, or trying to relax? Were you opening up and being honest with yourself or have you been thinking about adjusting your self-image.

Keywords: releasing, cleansing, coming clean, feeling refreshed, letting go of toxins, inner sanctum, private space, privacy, shedding the old, cleansed, renewal, fresh, freshening, letting stuff go, relieving oneself, relaxing, bathing, personal view of self, self-conscious feelings, seeing the real you, vulnerability, being yourself, new self-image, self-conscious feelings



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