Soul Guidance Dream Interpretation

Dreams Are A Doorway To The Soul

5 Steps To Decode Your Dreams

Decoding Your Dreams

1. Upon waking, write down your dream in detail.

2. After your dream is written down, take a moment to breathe and feel what the title should be. After you have a title for your dream that “feels right”, write it down.

3. To explore the dream, look at the title. The title often shows what direction the dream is going in or what the dream is pointing towards. Here are some examples of my dream titles.

  • Exploring The Limited Options
  • The Master Key Holder
  • Making The Grade
  • Hindering The Beauty
  • Feminine or Masculine Approach
  • Dream Building
  • Uncovering The Tomb
  • The White Flag
  • Finding The Cure
  • Released To Drive

The titles of your dream reveal a lot.

“My Dream Building” dream was about me wanting to start my own business, and what it took to create the right product.

“The Making The Grade” dream was about me finally starting to give myself credit for the work that I had done.

“Exploring Limited Options” was about what I believed was available for me at the time in terms of life in general.

Pay attention to the titles of the dreams, and then you can explore the dream keeping in mind the direction that the title is pointing towards.

4. The next step in exploring your dreams would be to find the characters. The characters are important because they are parts of yourself. For example, if you see your mother in your dream, ask yourself how you feel about her and what is her usual disposition with life?

You may say that she expects everything to be perfect, she never gives herself a break, or that she’s a work-a-holic. Recognize that, that’s how you feel about her. You dreamt about her because somewhere within you – you were recently experiencing your mother – within.

Once you have what the person represents to you written down, see if you can connect it to your waking life. Recently you may have been acting like your mother. Were you working too hard, where you refusing to give yourself a break, where you being particular about something?

Once you link with the right information you will feel the feeling of resonance. The interpretation of the dream symbol will just feel right. You’ll feel an “aha” or a “yes, that’s exactly what the dream is pointing towards”. Once you feel that, you know you are on the right track.

5. Repeat the process with all of the major symbols in your dreams. The major symbols are all of the people, places, and things that stand out in your dreams.

Digging into your dreams is a way to connect to your soul for sure. To get the best out of exploring your nighttime dreams, explore the dreams that evoke the most emotion first. Intense emotion in the dream or upon awakening is a clear sign that your soul is calling you to explore that dream.

Be patient with yourself when learning this new skill. Your dreams are a guide to sharpen your intuition, connect to your soul, and they help you move forward in a powerful way. Explore them freely, trust yourself, and honor them.



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